Supply Chain Management

To be competitive, entrepreneurs must look beyond their individual businesses and globally synchronize supply with demand. They need to allocate their defined resources and capacity more efficiently, manage costs, and ensure on-time delivery — and yet adapt to constantly changing customer demands.

A large variety of helpful features are Packaged to make your business more efficient, potent and profitable. Enjoy superior management of your workflow and let FabulouSoft Supply Chain Management provide you exclusive competitive advantage over your competitors.

FabulouSoft Supply Chain Management maintains all the information required about your raw materials, finished goods & semi-finished goods, and tools & gauges etc. The system keeps track of stocks in stores with respect to quantity, location of goods, requisitions, quotations, purchase orders, inventory items requested by production, and goods receipts. The system has a complete workflow for requisitions & approvals mechanism that forces to approve purchase order, product requisitions and material requisitions. It arranges items according to lots and batches that make it easier to manage and allows material traceability. Thus gives you immense control over your stocks.


FabulouSoft Supply Chain Management has full network support, allowing you to have access to your stock and inventory at any place. The role based securities ensure that the users have access to only allowed information & activities. The prime business benefits include:

1. Increased visibility and responsiveness to changing demand or supply.
2. Improved customer service through accurate, real-time order promising.
3. Reduced Order-To-Delivery Cycle Time.
4. Reduced costs and lowered inventory levels.
5. Increased Security, Efficiency and Work Satisfaction.
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A production work order is used to define the material to be produced, plant location where production has to be done, date and time of production, and quantity of goods required.


Repair & Maintenance is an important component of a well-functioning production. It helps companies maintain their resources while controlling time and costs to ensure maximum efficiency.


Product data management is the used to track and control data related to a particular product. It allows a company to track the various costs associated with the creation and launch of a product.


This module provides the flexibility to create and manage tools and gauges depending upon the nature of the industry and production unit. Multiple tools and gauges can be created.


Product Planning is the ongoing process of identifying market requirements that define a product's feature set. It serves as the basis for decision-making about price, distribution and promotion etc.


Production Work in process is a term used to refer to partly finished materials within any production round. Work in process in production refers to the total cost of unfinished goods currently in production.


Quality control and assurance refer to the process or actions that are taken to ensure a product meets all of its requirements. Quality assurance is often used to track and maintain consistent output over time.